Telematics technology isn’t new, but trucking companies continue to add new applications that make it indispensable to the industry. What started as a means to track vehicles via GPS has expanded into a plethora of uses to make fleets safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective. The following are some of the more creative uses of telematics within the fleet:

  1. Build a GeoFence. As the name implies, fleet managers can create a geographical fence that encompasses all the possible routes and areas a truck driver may operate their vehicle. If the truck leaves the zone, it will trigger an alert. This can help cut down on theft or exploitation of company vehicles. Taking this technology a step further, fleets can add zones as well that dictate what type of work occurs in certain areas to improve bidding.
  2. Tracking when the power is off. GPS devices are a great asset for theft prevention—when the vehicle is running. Many devices cease working once the driver cuts the engine, which gives thieves the opportunity to abscond with cargo without ever turning on the ignition. Now, solar powered devices can continue to send telematics data even when equipment isn’t in use, which circumvents the power issue.
  3. Improving route efficiency. When trucking companies grow, they often add new stops to their routes. When done manually, this can lead to overlapping routes and other inefficiencies that cost time, fuel, and money. Telematics can pinpoint the most efficient route to further improve a fleet’s bottom line as they expand.
  4. Transforming dispatching. Time-sensitive calls happen all the time and fleets can lose business if they don’t have up to the minute information on their drivers’ locations. Telematics can keep dispatchers in communication with drivers at all times as well as give them an up-to-the-minute map of the vehicles’ locations. When a call comes in on short notice, dispatchers can easily locate and notify the closest driver.

Telematics can provide numerous insights into driver behaviors, business operations, and more. Contact the experts at DriverCheck to learn more ways that fleet telematics can reduce risks while improving your bottom line.