Trucking Fleet TelematicsWhen GPS first hit the market, it was little more than dots on a map of questionable accuracy. Over the years, upgrades have refined the technology to a critical tool for fleet safety, cost savings, and efficiency. Time and competition have driven down the cost of this useful device. Fleets that are still on the fence about implementing a robust GPS solution should consider the following.

  1. GPS systems can cut fuel costs. Fuel is one of the top expenses for fleets; any way to decrease that expenditure without sacrificing safety is a win for truck drivers. With a full-service GPS, fleets can harness the power of telematics data to pinpoint fuel-wasting behaviors and correct them. Some examples include excessive idling, aggressive driving, or filling up at gas stations that charge more.
  2. Reducing risk. Unsafe driving behaviors come with a heavy price tag. Safety violations, increases to insurance costs, and other expenses add up quickly. With telematics, fleets can identify these unwanted behaviors and provide coaching and training to correct them. It also allows fleets to recognize exemplary drivers.
  3. Better back-office management. The disconnect between operating the office and managing drivers was significant prior to telematics. Having all that data on hand can give office managers a better idea of the exact costs of each vehicle. It also shows down to the dollar where costs are going. This allows management to focus cost savings efforts in areas that will have the greatest effect.
  4. Better customer service. Customers have high expectations, especially in today’s rapid delivery environment. Now, fleets can provide to-the-minute information on shipments and allow customers to track them in real-time.

Fleets looking for that competitive edge can find it with a robust GPS solution. Fleet managers can improve driver safety, overhaul their budget and spending, and boost customer satisfaction with the right device. Contact the experts at DriverCheck to learn more about our telematics solutions and GPS services.