An ATRI study has determined how trucking violations impact the likelihood that a driver will be involved in a future crash. Some of the highest results predictably include reckless driving violations (114% increased chance to be involved in a future crash), involvement in a past crash (74%), and speeding violations at 45%. But one figure stands out as both dangerous and very preventable – improper lane location citations. ATRI predicts drivers who have been caught wandering out of lane are 72% more likely to be involved in future crashes.

While GPS and other automated tracking solutions have become relatively sophisticated, they are highly unreliable for the purposes of tracking lane location issues. Human observation is still the best option. Programs like How’s My Driving encourage random drivers to report instances of concerning driver behaviors. Currently more than 2,300 vehicles are monitored through this program. What’s your strategy for controlling risk and assessing driver performance? Contact DriverCheck to learn more.