The role of management, at its core, is being receptive to both positive and negative feedback, and using that feedback to improve the organization. Just as we all experience personal challenges in life, so too do employees have uncertainties and insecurities with regard to their jobs.

If a business does not have a company safety hotline, employees will not choose to call attention to their needs by filing a complaint. As a result, they suffer in silence, and sometimes may even choose to leave the company, or worse, contact an outside agency.

There are a number of reasons to implement a third party hotline system. To name a few:

  • Company_photo_7aThey are designed to be easier than in-house systems for staff to understand and use. Homegrown systems generally tend to become compartmentalized to facilitate the vertical and horizontal flow of information
  • Workers generally feel more confident and comfortable using an anonymous, outsourced communication system. Most employees do not want to call attention to themselves when filing a complaint
  • The third party has a direct stake in the communication platform being successful. If the staff does not use their service, it will most likely get discontinued. The vendor will play an active part in assisting and addressing specific communication challenges

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