Case Studies on the DriverCheck Program

Since 1998, insurance and private companies have done studies on the effectiveness of the DriverCheck program. The studies were compiled by different companies, and there was no uniformity of design; however each had as its goal to measure the effectiveness of the DriverCheck program as it related to collision frequency and costs.

Insurance Company A.

This study showed a collision-frequency reduction of 22% and a collision-cost reduction of 28%. The study was done by the actuarial department. Using this data, the loss control division estimated that it received a 20 to 1 return on investment from DriverCheck. For every dollar spent, $20 was saved.

Insurance Company B.

This insurance company studied its clients using DriverCheck for one year and estimated a 27% reduction in collision frequency. Company executives did not provide a percentage for collision-cost reduction, but did tell us that they estimated that they had saved $5 million on their total book of business by including DriverCheck as a value-added service to their insureds.

Insurance Company C.

The business unit of this insurance company did a study over several years. It concluded that the fleets on the DriverCheck program reduced their collision frequency by 31% percent, with a cost reduction in excess of 31%. This is a Canadian insurance company that has put its clients on the DriverCheck program since 1996.

Private Company A.

A very large client – with tens of thousands of vehicles on the program – did a study on its reductions during the first year with DriverCheck. Company executives did not give us percentages related to collision and cost reductions; however, they estimated that DriverCheck saved them more than $1 million in collision-related expenses.

Private Company B.

Another large client recently released a study done over 22 months. During that period, the company saw its collision frequency reduced by 36%, saving more than $600,000, and estimated its return on investment to be 24 to 1. For every dollar the company spent on DriverCheck, it saved $24.