What is the scope of the Hotline, and what kinds of concerns should be reported?
The Hotline is intended to enhance safety of your company, providing a confidential method for your employees to report concerns regarding theft, safety compliance, drug use and fraud as well as any other safety related issue.
Can calls to the Hotline be anonymous?
Yes, we recognize that sometimes it takes courage to report a concern and we are committed to safeguarding the confidentiality of individuals who submit good faith reports or inquiries.
How are reports submitted to the Hotline?
We will provide your company with a unique toll-free number to promote to your employees; this number will be answered with your company’s name, and one of our Agents will collect the relevant information.
Why should I have a Safety Hotline?
Theft, safety issues, drug use and fraud all provide significant risk to your company and your employees are the best resource to minimize this risk. In addition, by providing this option to your employees you will be enhancing your internal brand.
Is the Hotline appropriate for emergencies?
No; the Hotline is not intended for emergency use and should not be promoted as such.