Every business owner knows that a customer’s first impression matters. Customers will make snap judgments that are hard to change so it’s best to start off on the right foot. Starting with the trucks themselves, fleet managers should take pains to ensure a clean exterior. Image indicates condition and condition affects the customer’s perception of that business. If the truck is dirty or looks run down, the client will be more inclined to think the company doesn’t take care of its vehicles and, by extension, it’s customers’ cargo.

More Reasons to Keep Trucks Clean

Customer satisfaction isn’t the only benefit of having clean trucks. A truck’s cleanliness can influence an inspector’s perception, leading to more thorough inspections and delaying truck drivers from getting back on the road. Their logic is that if the truck is dirty, the driver isn’t putting in the extra effort. This may lead them to wonder what else they’re overlooking, such as important maintenance.

It also helps with driver satisfaction as well. Not only is working in a clean vehicle a more pleasing aesthetic, but it also helps preserve the longevity of the truck. Frequent washing staves off corrosion and rust, which reduces the amount of maintenance a truck needs. High driver satisfaction also improves retention rates and can help boost recruitment as well. Providing clean, good-looking vehicles is more appealing than a company that doesn’t invest the time in appearances.

Removing debris and build up from road chemicals to present clean trucks is a great start to providing a stellar first impression. An impressive safety record is also vital to achieving this goal. If your fleet is struggling with poor customer satisfaction and safety issues, DriverCheck can help. Our How’s My Driving? Program offers insights into how drivers operate their trucks as well as other important feedback. This helps trucking companies implement changes to improve driver safety. Contact us to learn more.