As the second quarter shifts into the third, several noticeable concerns have cropped up among fleets. The following are the latest trends and challenges weighing most heavily on fleet managers’ minds:

  1. Drooping rates. While 2018 was a boisterous year for freight, 2019 has seen considerably less movement among retailers and manufacturers. Demand for loads on the spot has sunk by a dramatic 62.6%, meaning businesses aren’t buying trucking capacity as the need arises rather than via a contract. Rates for van loads have sagged by 20% as well. Industry experts are starting to sweat these decreases after two years of excellent rates as costs continue to rise.
  2. Trying to keep pace with technology. AI, machine learning, innovative safety tools, and autonomous trucks have flooded the headlines for the transportation industry. However, when it comes to trucking, there are several unanswered question marks. For example, electric trucks are rapidly increasing in popularity, but the infrastructure to keep them charged continues to lag behind. Driver training on how to use high-tech advancements also remains an overlooked issue.
  3. Ongoing parking struggles. The truck parking shortage isn’t a new problem, but the challenge has taken on a new layer. Not only do drivers have to struggle to find parking, free parking is also becoming a thing of the past. Lots are shifting to paid parking or only offering free parking with the purchase of fuel. Either way, drivers who want a safe, legal parking space will have to pay to find it—yet another cost on top of many others.
  4. Regulations in flux. FMCSA indicated it had several proposed changes to hours of service regulations in the works, but drivers have yet to see them. The 30-minute break rule and the split sleeper berth were some of the most notable sections up for amendment. The ELD mandate is also giving trucking companies another round of headaches as the AOBRD grandfather clause approaches its expiration date.

While these issues are concerning, fleets aren’t without recourse, especially when it comes to ELDs. DriverCheck understands the frustrations drivers and fleets face when trying to select an ELD from an over-saturated market. That is why we worked alongside truck drivers to develop an ELD solution that is simple to understand and implement. Contact us to learn how we can help your fleet.