There are several unknown factors when it comes to electronic logging devices (ELDs). Carriers and fleets do not know how the devices will affect productivity, the driver shortage, and more. However, what the industry does know is there are issues with the training enforcement officers received—primarily that it is still ongoing.

The Problem with Incomplete Training

Enforcement officials did receive training, but industry insiders expect they are still being taught how to conduct ELD compliance inspections. The most common issue fleets encounter is when a driver has a legacy system grandfathered in by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The ELD mandate allows fleets equipped with automatic onboard recording devices (AOBRDs) to continue operating without an ELD until 2019.

However, enforcement officers are questioning drivers with AOBRDs and writing them up in their inspection reports. While officials will not place drivers out of service for ELD violations until April of this year, officers are taking notes. This misunderstanding is causing confusion and frustration during roadside inspections.

Confounding the issue is if drivers use the wrong term and say ELD when they mean AOBRD. It appears as if they are lying and puts officials on guard. To combat this problem, drivers need to indicate from the outset of the inspection that they do not have an ELD, that they have an AOBRD, and that the FMCSA grandfathered them in until 2019.

The Problem with ELD Holdouts

While the ELD inspection confusion is exasperating, officers have good reason to be on the lookout for violators. Many carriers and owner-operators waited until the last minute to install an ELD. This is because they assumed since the FMCSA would not penalize them for non-compliance until April of 2018, they did not need to install a device until then. When they discovered this was not the case, they scrambled to install a device—many of which are not compliant.

Untrustworthy ELD vendors popped up in the weeks and months leading up to the ELD compliance date. These suspicious businesses capitalized on the sudden high demand for ELDs with little regard to the specifications mandated by the FMCSA. DriverCheck knows this, which is why we developed an FMCSA-compliant ELD that is easy to install and straightforward to use. If you are suspicious of your ELD solution or need a simpler device, contact us today.