How does the How’s My Driving Program Work?
The program is simple; we receive an observation call from someone who has identified a concern with one of your drivers. An observation report is created, and sent to the appropriate person in your company who utilizes counseling and training resources provided by DriverCheck to help educate your driver and reduce your collision rate.
Is this just another big-brother program to watch over the drivers?
DriverCheck is the least intrusive and most effective of all vehicle monitoring programs available today; in-cab cameras, GPS systems and ride-alongs are significantly more intrusive and much less efficient and effective than the How’s-My-Driving program. Our program is designed to identify, counsel and train only those drivers that have exhibited risky driving behaviors.
What’s the best way to present the program to our drivers?
DriverCheck will provide you will the tools to communicate the program to your drivers; these resources include introductory guides for your drivers and supervisors as well as a collision countermeasure guide and driver counseling guide. Ultimately, you want your driver to know that they will benefit through increased job security, reduced risk of injury and safe driver recognition programs.
How long will it takes us to see results?
Typically, you will see positive trends develop after 3 months and, often times, seriously at-risk drivers are identified immediately; by providing counseling and training to these drivers, you will see results quickly.
How much time will it take us to run the program?
Our program is designed to identify at-risk driving, and to provide counseling and training tools to help effectively and efficiently mitigate this risk. Generally, the counseling, training (including taking the test) will take less than an hour and keep your supervisors and drivers productive.