How's My Driving?

How’s My Driving?

Ever drive behind a commercial vehicle and notice that its brake lights are not working? Ever see a commercial vehicle with an unbalanced load? You want to tell someone about it, but how? Maybe you drive on, thinking that the driver’s fleet manager will eventually discover and fix the problem.

The problem is that, before the supervisor finds out about the issue, someone else could be involved in a collision because of it. When you see any safety-related issues concerning a commercial vehicle, the best thing you can do—for the driver, the company, and for the public—is to report that issue as soon as possible.

How’s My Driving Programs Can Help

Many people think that How’s My Driving programs are only for reporting unsafe driving behaviors. The fact is that many calls received by these types of safety programs are regarding equipment or maintenance issues that could threaten the safety of the driver and/or the public at large. Bald tires, unsafe loads, and brake lights, headlights, and turn signs that are not working correctly are frequent concerns shared with the drivers’ supervisor through How’s My Driving reports.

Your Eyes on the Road

Many trucks utilize How’s My Driving services to collect and distribute information about driver safety issues. It only takes a moment, and the reports they send to drivers’ supervisors literally save lives. A quick call to a How’s My Driving service provider such as DriverCheck will put you in touch with a trained Intake Specialist, who will quickly guide you through the intake process. DriverCheck, the founder of the vehicle-monitoring industry, identifies unsafe drivers and corrects their unsafe behaviors before they have a collision, using a combination of vehicle monitoring, counseling, and online training.