Most of us have done it – glanced at the phone while driving to see if a text was returned. Or responded to a message because it’s OK to do so at a red light, right?


Watch this compelling video as young drivers light-heartedly confess to distracted driving and why they think it’s OK. That is, until they meet Jacey, a young woman close to their age who was a victim of an collision caused by a distracted driver.

Their attitudes toward distracted driving quickly change as they hear her story. Driving home with her family after her college graduation ceremony, Jacey’s life was changed forever. A distracted driver, stopped at a red light, had his focus on his phone. He thought the light changed, so he entered the intersection too soon. This caused a tractor-trailer that had the right of way to swerve into Jacey’s family’s car. Both of her parents were killed, and Jacey was so badly injured, she is now partially paralyzed.

Clearly, if you are still reading this blog, driver safety is of high importance to you. This video reinforces the importance of avoiding distracted driving.

These young drivers tell us it’s not just the often referenced texting while driving, its also other things that seem all too important at the time: email, facebook, snapchat, navigation systems and even phone calls. After hearing from Jacey, we will all learn that, whatever it is, it can wait.

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