Technology in the trucking industry is a proliferating force, focusing on improving safety and saving money. Many would be more surprised to learn a truck lacked telematics technology than to hear a company equipped its trucks with the latest telematics GPS tracking tools.

Robust GPS tracking solutions provide insight into:

  • Driver behavior and overall fleet safety
  • Emerging maintenance issues
  • Vehicle activities and location

By monitoring several driver behaviors, GPS tracking devices improve safety, reduce labor costs, lower insurance costs, and save money. The end result is a healthier and safer fleet. However, telematics devices such as GPS tracking systems are not as cut and dry as they appear. These devices provide several unforeseen benefits that fleet managers and drivers can use to their advantage.

Erroneous Insurance Claims

Motor carriers receive insurance claim notices on a regular basis. Accidents happen, and commercial motor vehicles are no exception. However, prior to GPS telematics, it was hard to know for sure if the truck involved with the claim truly belonged to the company. Trucks travel all over the country; with telematics, carriers can know where their vehicles are at all times.

When claims arise, carriers can check their GPS tracking device and know if their truck was at the location of the accident or not. Many carriers are short on time and often pay insurance claims for rapid resolution rather than investigating. Without telematics, investigations take time and money. With the technology, carriers can resolve such issues in minutes while saving significant amounts of money on insurance claims.

Missing and Stolen Vehicles

Companies that rent out commercial vehicles often experience problems with theft. Rental drivers are not as vigilant as commercial drivers or owner-operators. If the driver leaves their keys in the truck while getting gas or leaves the vehicle running while grabbing a quick cup of coffee, they may fall victim to thieves. Before telematics, a stolen commercial vehicle was likely to turn up months later in unusable condition. While insurance covers most of the expense, drivers lose any personal equipment and tools. By having telematics technology, fleet managers can track any stolen vehicles while working with the police to locate it.

Improving Mindfulness and Productivity

When drivers know their employer is paying close attention to their vehicle, they adjust their behavior. Without having to put forth a lot of effort, carriers can use telematics to improve driver performance and safety. Drivers are more likely to pay attention to their time, braking habits, location, and more because they know the telematics devices will store that information for their employers. These small adjustments translate to increased productivity and income.

In addition to the well-known benefits of telematics, the unexpected benefits make the technology a vital investment for fleets. However, not all GPS telematics solutions provide the benefits trucking companies need. That is why DriverCheck provides full-service, innovative telematics technology. Contact us to learn more.