We have driver training programs in place where does this fit?
We have identified those driving violations that are most predictive of a future accident through 28 plus years of providing this service. Our Online Training focuses your drivers on improving their performance in these areas, while keeping them productive. These training programs can be utilized for new drivers, post-incident refresher training and annual refresher training/certification.
My drivers are not very computer literate. Can they easily complete the courses and pass the tests?
Yes; our Online Training program makes it easy for your drivers to navigate the 15 minute training video, through a simple Next button process. In addition, taking the test at the end of the module typically takes 5 minutes or less and is extremely user-friendly.
Our budgets are stressed to a breaking point. What will this cost in real dollars annually?
The cost of the program depends upon the number of drivers utilizing the Online Training, but is well below the industry standard pricing; ultimately, our clients see that the training actually saves them money, and enhances their brand. Please call us at 770.916.6700 or complete the Contact Us form and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.
Can you present and address questions from our management all in one group?
Yes, we routinely host webinars for up to 125 people to present our program and answer any questions.
Is this time consuming and a productivity interruption?
No, our modules are designed with your drivers productivity in mind; typically, reviewing the modules takes less than 15 minutes with an additional 5minutes to complete the corresponding test.