When a text message alert pings a driver’s phone, the impulse to pick it up and read it is automatic. However, that brief glance away from the road can prove lethal for the drivers who earn their living behind the wheel. Texting while driving is bad enough for passenger vehicles; however, for drivers operating large trucks, it’s even harder to correct a problem. Small realignments, avoiding collisions, and more are much harder to achieve when operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

Encouraging Safe Driving Behaviors

Any distraction that causes a CMV driver to look away from the road can result in a fatal accident. Thankfully, there are several ways to combat distracted driving. Some laws exist to try to curtail texting while driving. Many companies issue directives and write policies for that purpose as well. However, fleet managers need to understand that there are distractions everywhere. The best way to prevent accidents due to distractions is to focus on educating employees on the dangers and risks as well as gaining their commitment to eliminating these distractions.

To achieve this goal, fleet managers should suggest the following best practices:

  • Input the final destination into a GPS and mount it before hitting the road.
  • Turn off devices that aren’t necessary for the job and put them out of arm’s reach.
  • Avoid daydreaming by looking for other distracted drivers. This helps keep truck drivers attention on driving rather than wandering and losing focus.
  • Implement defensive driving tactics to remain aware of any potential hazard on the roads.
  • Schedule breaks and take them. Drowsy driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving.

Invest in Telematics

Telematics can provide insight into driver behaviors for fleet managers to make better safety decisions. For example, telematics can reveal who is speeding, making hard brakes, departing from their lanes often, etc. Managers can focus their safety efforts on correcting those behaviors and making safety a priority for all drivers. To learn more about how telematics can make your fleet safer, contact the experts at DriverCheck.