How’s My Driving? Program

A risk-management program guaranteed to work. We reduce collisions by at least 10% or you pay nothing.

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DriverCheck’s How’s My Driving? Program

DriverCheck identifies unsafe drivers and corrects their behavior, before they have a collision, through Full-Cycle 24/7 Vehicle Monitoring, guaranteed to reduce collision costs, increase profits, and save lives. Typically, we find the following to be true of most fleets:

• 80% of drivers never receive a complaint
• 10% receive only one complaint
• 10% receive the majority of all complaints, putting your company at risk

DriverCheck is there 24/7 with its Vehicle Monitoring service designed to meet our goal of saving lives, money and jobs through observation, counseling and training. Driver safety solutions are more relevant than ever. As fleet safety management becomes an increasingly significant component of lowering costs and staying competitive, safer commercial driving promotes both a healthy bottom line as well as better PR for transportation organizations.