Cargo security and safety is an expensive problem within the trucking industry. Every year, trucking companies report $15-$30 billion in stolen cargo. The trend does not show any signs of slowing down either. Adding to the security concern, there are a variety of new rules regarding the transport and safety of food. While these two issues seem disparate, telematics can resolve them both.

Smart Trailers

Motor carriers stake their reputation on their ability to deliver cargo on time and in good condition. Without telematics, a driver’s ability to achieve both of these goals waivers. By equipping trailers with telematics, drivers are able to access key information to help keep their cargo safe and secure. For example, trailer tracking technology keeps tabs on the trailer’s location even if it is no longer connected to the tractor.

Tackling Theft

Trailer trackers cannot outright prevent theft, but they can avert much of the damage. With this technology, carriers can track their trailers in real time as well as receive alerts anytime the cargo doors open and close. If someone attempts to steal the cargo, the tracker will alert the carrier and allow him or her to take immediate action. This provides peace of mind for customers as well as carriers, who can guarantee no one tampered with the cargo during transit.

Keeping Food Safe

Climate control is vital to keeping food fresh as trucks transport it from farms to grocery stores. Trailer trackers can monitor the temperature and humidity of the cargo space. If the temperature or humidity levels rise or dip below acceptable thresholds, the device alerts the driver who can then take action to save the cargo.

Smart trailers allow carriers and drivers to make smart cargo decisions. DriverCheck’s trailer tracking solutions can help your trucking business secure its cargo and deliver it on time in the condition your customers expect. To learn more about our trailer tracking solutions, contact us today.