Fleet managers know GPS tracking can improve their business as well as support their driver safety efforts, but many worry about how their drivers will react. Some drivers view the technology as invasive and a sign their employer does not trust them behind the wheel. This kind of thinking can breed contempt, which is why it’s vital for fleets to introduce the technology with their best foot forward.

GPS Tracking Benefits

It’s important for drivers to understand the benefits of GPS tracking if fleet managers are going to get them on board with the technology. The top benefits include:

  1. Improving fleet safety and vehicle longevity
  2. Boosting profits/cutting down on expenses
  3. Enhancing customer service
  4. Keeping deliveries on track
  5. Preventing unauthorized trips/vehicle use

The last benefit in particular is twofold. While fleet managers experience irritation regarding unauthorized trips, employees who are aware of other drivers making side trips are also likely annoyed. GPS tracking can eliminate misconduct and boost honest employees’ morale.

How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Drivers

Even if GPS tracking will improve profitability and safety, failing to be candid about it can backfire immediately. No one likes to learn their employer is collecting their data without their knowledge. Fleet managers need to be open and clear about what information the devices will gather and how they will use it. Sharing how the data will allow the company to make smart business decisions, help drivers perform their jobs easier and with better efficiency, as well as increase revenue can help ease drivers’ concerns about the technology.

For extremely hesitant drivers, incentive programs can help get them on board. GPS tracking improves cash flow and offering up some of the extra revenue can pique drivers’ interest. For example, fleets can offer quarterly bonuses to the safest drivers or raises for drivers who dramatically improve their safety scores.

Implementing GPS tracking can give fleets actionable insights to improve productivity, revenue, and safety. If your fleet is ready to apply the technology to your trucks, DriverCheck can help. Contact us to learn more about our GPS Tracking solutions.