Deaths totaling 1,500. Injuries at 71,000.

This is the result of drowsy driving every year according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most shocking within those numbers is the fact that, in most cases, there was no evidence of braking by the driver.

If those numbers aren’t a wake-up call, consider this. In a recent survey conducted by Farmers Insurance Group, 10% of the 1,024 drivers surveyed admitted to falling asleep while driving. That’s 1 in 10 — making it quite possible that there’s a drowsy driver around you any time you are behind the wheel.

Further, 20% of the drivers had dozed momentarily. This is most troublesome because investigators report that most collisions happen not when the driver actually falls asleep, but when a drowsy driver temporarily loses the ability to drive safely.

DriverCheck has developed an online training module that highlights the disastrous effects of drowsy driving and offers techniques to avoid dozing off while driving.

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