Constantly Creating, Constantly Innovating

DriverCheck is a division of Sertec Corporation headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We began the vehicle-monitoring industry in 1986 when our founder began using the How’s-My-Driving concept on his commercial vehicles. The idea was so successful in reducing his fleet’s collisions that friends began asking him to run the service for them. The service became more sophisticated as new proprietary computer programs were designed and developed to handle the reports and data that larger clients wanted to see. In keeping with our clients’ changing needs, DriverCheck now offers Online Driver Training, supported by its proprietary learning management system, as well as a confidential safety hotline.

Our Mission

Save lives, save money, save jobs by providing the best vehicle monitoring driver training and safety solutions in the industry.

Our Philosophy

The best results occur when we partner with our clients; we don’t succeed unless they do.

Our Results

From major insurance companies to large private fleets, we have reduced collisions by as much as 52% and saved millions of dollars for our clients.

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And a Couple of Other Things You Might Like to Know

Long tenured and experienced managers, IT professionals, and training specialists are constantly working to enhance the DriverCheck program based on new technology and our clients’ needs.
Contact Center
Contact Center
We have a dedicated contact center, as well as dedicated remote agents off-site. Our highly trained report intake specialists receive and transmit the actionable information that you need to reduce risk.
Business Continuity
Business Continuity
A back-up diesel generator provides building power in an emergency. In addition, we contract with HP for a complete hot-site backup, including mainframe computer and complete contact center.