The sooner a problem is discovered and addressed, the quicker it can be resolved. So what’s the best way to identify employee concerns and issues? According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the answer is through information provided anonymously through an Employee Hotline.

Hotlines provide managers with actionable information before the issues involved turn into lawsuits, insurance claims, and regulatory problems. Your front-line employees have intimate knowledge of how your company works and of how company policies are, or are not, being followed. And many of them have information you need to hear.

Your employees know, first-hand, what issues are putting your company at risk. Problems that ordinarily might take years to surface can be immediately identified–but only if the employee doing so knows that he or she will not face the wrath of a supervisor or a fellow employee.

What are employees reporting through anonymous hotlines?Company_photo_7a

  • Theft by other employees,
  • Sexual and other types of harassment in the workplace,
  • Gross mismanagement by supervisors and managers,
  • Security breaches and potential security problems,
  • Failures to comply with state and federal regulations,
  • Safety issues that threaten employees or the public,
  • Ideas for improving systems and procedures.

An anonymous and confidential process for feedback gives your employees a voice in the future of the company. By bringing issues to light quickly, they reduce your exposure to risk, creating a healthier working environment and a heftier bottom line. For more information on keeping your company protected, click here.